How to Build Rabidly Devoted Customers

15 12 2010

How to build rabidly devoted customersImagine this: You’ve collected a following of near-fanatical devotees. They talk about your business or organization to everyone. They return again and again… usually with others in tow. They GET what you’re business is about, and they LOVE it!

And we’re not talking about glassy-eyed, frothy-mouthed fans in straight jackets here. These are sane, rational people who you’ve turned, through your diligent efforts, into loyal-through-rain-or-shine customers.

The benefits to both company and customer are obvious. But how do you build your posse of rabidly devoted customers?

Radiate personality. Customers are attracted to businesses or people that are “larger than life”, that do things they wish they did, that embody some quality they idolize. If you’ve already got that magnetic personality, by all means, work it! And if you don’t (hey, not everyone’s an Oprah), hire someone who can build that persona for your company.

Remain highly visible. Social events, Facebook, blogs, YouTube videos, seminars, websites, advertising campaigns… take that winning personality, and blast it all over creation. The more you’re seen, the more excitement you can generate.

Rock your talent. Every person, every company, excels at something. Is it detail work? An artistic edge? Outrageous customer service? Sometimes “over the top”, when used judiciously, can tip a customer into glorious fandom.

Be genuine. What are you about? If you’re about helping customers just to help your bottom line, remember that people are intuitive, and they’ll be turned off quickly by your “gimme” vibe. Help them because they deserve it. Help them because they had a choice and they chose to support you. Help them because you see them for the awesome individuals that they are. THIS builds devotion.

Stay active in the lifestyle you cater to. Whether it’s tool and die manufacturing or Alpine skiing, be the walking, talking resource for the fans of your industry. It’ll up your coolness factor to an “11”.

Do what you say you’re going to do. Integrity is everything. Need I say more?

Do the unexpected. Surprise people with your creativity. If your product or service isn’t necessarily one of a kind, try blowing some customer socks off with amazing events, random acts of kindness or even a unique approach to selling.

Exceed expectations… repeatedly. An underwhelmed customer is a lost customer. Shoot for amazing, and you’re customers will follow you to the ends of the earth.

Make them feel like they’re part of something. People want to belong and, even more than that, to belong to something COOL. It’s our nature. Make your business a cool place to be, with a cool group of customers and staff that do exceptionally cool things, and you’ll attract your own set of devoted groupies.

Be grateful. Ultimately, your customers are CHOOSING to spend their money with you. And if they sense that you are sincerely grateful for that decision, they will value you in return. Don’t grovel or use your “thanks” as an excuse to hit them up for more money (*ahem* Customer Appreciation Days *ahem*). Genuine appreciation is magical. It really is.

Think about Harry Potter’s raging success. Think about Woodstock 69’s reverberating influence. Think about the inimitable Madonna. Think about the world-famous Shamwow! Think about how they all built an empire of screamingly devoted fans, and apply those techniques to your own business.

You don’t have to be globally renowned in order to super-size your impact. You just need to be as loyal to your customers as you want them to be to you.

Now go forth and build!

“I’m the first one to say I love my fans because they love that I took a chance.”  ~Steven Tyler, Aerosmith       Right on, Steven… right on.
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15 12 2010

This is what i try to do every day.

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