The Choice: Celebrating an ongoing adventure

1 09 2011

Two year ago today, I launched DMT Artistry, LLC.

I’d like to think this just gave you goosebumps, but I’ll settle for an involuntary gasp.

The first anniversary breezed by with barely a “huzzah”. I was too engrossed in “figuring things out” to put much stock in a 1-year milestone.

But with a second year securing my faith in what DMT Artistry stands for, it’s quite definitely time to celebrate an increasingly successful go-round of entrepreneurial adventure. This business represents a decision to make creative thinking the focus of my life and career; to see projects as a quest, rather than an assignment; to connect with fellow business owners at the level of a peer; to think big and build bigger; to manage, rather than be managed; to DO.

This is the kind of day that needs to be celebrated with others… with YOU. So I invite you to step back from your daily “to-do”s for a moment, throw your proverbial doors and windows open with (intelligent) abandon and bask in the “big picture” of what you’ve accomplished and where you are going.

Remember, it took vision to lead you forward. It took integrity to build a reputation of reliability. It took courage to face the challenges. It took humor to pull you through. And it took cornering the market on elbow grease to make it all come to fruition. You had a choice, and you chose action. Bravo. Well done.

Celebrating two splendid years of serving your creative corporate needs:

Dawn M Tomczyk  |  DMT Artistry LLC  |  810.923.4582  |



4 responses

1 09 2011
David Tomczyk

Congratulations, Dawn! And based on the number of projects you are working on at any given time, in two more years, you’ll likely be celebrating opening a new branch!

2 09 2011
Gregory Young

Way to go!

2 09 2011

Hi dawn,

Congratulations of your two year anniversery.

I have the belief that you will succeed in what ever you apply your self to.

Thanks for inspiring posts that help to keep me a bit more focused.

Cheers, Bill Oldham

5 09 2011

Thanks so much, Bill!!

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