Client Spotlight: Change Your World Fitness

19 03 2010

When Lori Wengle lost 107 lbs, it understandably changed her world. How do you go from obese and apathetic to slim and feisty without rocking your very core?

But while most weight loss success stories are content to quietly enjoy their hard-earned gravity lift, Lori set off on a mission to astonish others with their own ability to transform.

If you glean one business tip from this petite powerhouse’s story, let it be to diversify. Lori owns Livingston Antique Outlet and Change Your World Fitness, published “The Fat Princess No More”, invented Personal Trainer in a Box, blogs, trains, speaks… her business acumen is surpassed only by her boundless energy (oh, to be fit!) and her compassion.

And the benefit of putting your eggs in a whole slew of baskets? If one part of your business is dragging, another is taking off, while yet another just might be your ticket to super-success!

I’ve done quite a bit of design work for Lori (view samples here), but most recently used WordPress’ Thesis Theme to customize her “Fat Princess No More” blog site:

"The Fat Princess No More" blog site