Professional Farrier Services… Expect Excellence

28 05 2010

If you ever get the urge to see art and science partnered in perfect harmony, watch farrier Charles Lanning in action. He is a master of precision and symmetry. He has to be. Horses’ soundness depends upon it.

And this is not a responsibility that Charles’ takes lightly. His knowledge of trimming and shoeing hooves is remarkable, and his craftsmanship even more so. He specializes in custom corrective shoeing, and is generous with his remarkable store of experience-based wisdom.

Charles launched Professional Farrier Services with the goal of providing  excellence in “Education, Craftsmanship & Integrity”.

The Challenge: With Professional Farrier Services gaining rapidly in popularity, Charles was in need of a logo – pronto. That logo had to reflect his dedication to precision and symmetry, while maintaining an easily recognizable appearance. It also needed to be easily scalable for a wide variety of potential uses, including embroidery, letterhead and business cards.

The DMT Solution: I designed the graphical logo below to reflect the precise symmetry of Charles’ work, plus the critical component of equal weight distribution necessary for a sound horse. I kept the design “readable” with an instantly recognizable hoof and horseshoe (pointed up for “good luck”). The simplicity of the design is what makes it multi-purpose.

Professional Farrier Services logo design

Client Spotlight: Shi Lessner Photography

26 04 2010

Allow me to re-introduce you to Livingston County’s networking rock star and gifted photographer, Shirley Lessner, of Shi Lessner Photography.

Shirley had a problem – a website that simply didn’t do her work justice. I offered a solution – revamped.

Working from a Flash template, I customized an online home for her photography, incorporating the logo I designed for her business. Her new site is the picture of elegance, sophistication and simplicity, and allows her the flexibility to easily modify the content to keep its appearance fresh.

Please visit the site (click the link above, or the screenshots below), and let me know what you think!