Epiphany: A Color Course Correction

11 05 2012

DMT Artistry, LLCIf you enjoy a good “aha!” moment, become an entrepreneur. Your days will be just packed with epiphanies…

One came earlier this week, as I was enjoying a company color scheme conversation with my father, a long-time corporate marketing manager (whose expertise, incidentally, you will also benefit from in future posts.)

I explained to him that I like my existing color scheme (below left) – it’s simple, pleasing to the eye and required minimal thought at the outset. However, that’s hardly a foundation on which to build a meaningful and effective branding image.

Here’s why I want to change it:

DMT Artistry, LLC1)  These colors, in combination, appear young and feminine. There’s nothing wrong with either of these things, except that I am not targeting teen girls. My audience is professional business owners of both genders.
2)  These colors reduce my marketing flexibility. I offer a wealth of design styles for a wealth of branding materials in an absolute plethora of marketing venues. My clients hail from every industry – from service, to retail, to manufacturing, to distribution, to organizations, to events. My color scheme should allow me to easily express my versatility, rather than lock me into a particular look and feel.
3)  These colors say “nice”, when I really want them to create “wow!”
4)  These colors don’t excite me. And THAT, as they say, is THAT. Time for a change.

It was in the course of listing these problems that inspiration struck, and I realized that my dilemma was actually my solution. And, not only that… the solution also provided purpose, direction, and inspiration for my logo, office, website, print materials, apparel and other soon-to-be-transformed branding pieces.

So, yes, I have settled on the official DMT company color concept, and I will share it… in a future post. There’s still refining to be done, and that’s a process in which I am willing to invest extra time. For curious parties, the quote below is a hint…

“We are like chameleons, we take our hue and the color of our moral character, from those who are around us.”  ~John Locke

Next Week: There will be no post next week, as I address a heavier-than-usual project load, but I will be back the week after with more tips and tools for you and your business! In the meantime, enjoy these “psychology of color” links that my father thoughtfully recommended:

Color Wheel Pro

The Meaning of Colors

How the Meaning of Colors Affects Business

What Color is Your Business

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How to Brand a Business: A LIVE Demonstration

14 03 2012

Buckle up... I'm about to show you How to Brand Your BusinessToday marks the beginning of something unexpected. Something exhilarating. Something BUSINESS-changing.

For over two years now, I’ve been working with entrepreneurs and business owners who are no longer satisfied with half-hearted business and mediocre marketing. They’ve trained their sights on extraordinary success, and their questions and ideas have been the ongoing inspiration for this blogsite.

But starting today, rather than simply TELL you how to re-brand your business into something remarkable, I’m going to SHOW you how to do it.

DMT Artistry, LLC has long been overdue for a brand evolution. We are no longer an infant company testing the waters. Our growth has exceeded expectation. *pat on back*  But the time for admiring my handiwork-to-date has passed.

Now it’s time to give that growth direction.

Over the coming year, I’m going to take you through the elements of branding / re-branding your business, starting from the ground up, and using DMT Artistry, LLC as a living, breathing example. I’ll walk you through absolutely everything – from the importance of a Mission Statement, to the re-design of a logo, to the structure of pricing, to social networking with purpose, to re-making an online presence, to how you present yourself, right down to the miniscule minutia that create consistent and memorable marketing.

Learn from my successes – and my mistakes. There’s no point in tripping over the same stumbling block twice.

If you’re just launching your business, way to be in the right place at the right time! This demonstration is as much for the new entrepreneur, as it is for the rejuvenating business.

And I expect to benefit from this adventure as much as you do. I can hardly be an inspiration and a resource if my own business is stagnating.

Since I’ll be blogging about my experience in what amounts to “real-time”, I invite you to do your own re-branding right along with me. Feel free to comment and ask questions as we go. This will be YOUR resource. Help me make it what you need it to be.

This weekly blog series is going to combine the best of adventure and hard work, fun and professionalism, success and turning “oops” into “a-ha!”

So, if you’re ready to ride…

“Buckle up, Buttercup.”  ~Belinda Anderson

Next week:  “Ground Zero: The Perfect Mission Statement”

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